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Erectile Dysfunction - A Common Happening!

Erectile dysfunction or ED is one of the common sexual dysfunctions. It develops when men lose their ability to gain firm erections and capacity to keep them sustained over the entire period of having sex. A person affected with erectile dysfunction will have limp penis maybe after a brief erection or no erection at all. Without firm and long-lasing erections, sexual intercourse remains incomplete and its relish insipid. ED or impotency is 50% physical and 50 % psychological. It is very important that you know how ED occurs and what the factors responsible for it are. Knowing the problem is the first step to solution!

Characteristics of Erectile Dysfunction

- Cannot obtain an erection at all
- Can obtain an erection, but it’s not rigid enough for sex
- Can get an erection but lose it before or during sex

Erectile Dysfunction- A Functional Abnormality of Sex Organ

The number of young men suffering from erectile dysfunction is rising by 10 % every year. In case of young men, erectile dysfunction appears not as an effect of aging but as a detrimental effect of physical or mental disorders. Breaking down of the immune system, damage to vital organs of the body, functional abnormality of the sex system, hormonal disorder and inadequate response to sexual stimuli are prime causes for erectile dysfunction at young age.

Some of the Factors That Account For Erectile Dysfunction

1) The arousal of sex and erection of the penis is an intricate and delicate process. The brain interacts with the nerves, muscles and blood vessels to run this process. Stimulation of emotions and secretion of hormones promote this interaction. Inhibition of this interaction leads to erectile dysfunction.

2) The influx of blood in the two cylindrical structures in the penis thickens the penis in shape and extends it in size. It gives firm and frequent erections. The sustained stimulation of the genital area keeps up the blood flow to the penis that helps sustain erections for long. Reduced blood flow inhibits the erectile function of the penis that in turn results in erectile dysfunction.

3) An erection remains firm and lasts as long as ejaculation is delayed. After ejaculation, the penis loses its erection and returns to its normal state. Sometimes, you ejaculate sooner than other times. You may develop erectile dysfunction, if premature ejaculation is frequent.

4) The habit of smoking and drinking immoderately is harm to the erectile function of the penis. It shrinks the blood vessels and restricts the blood flow to the genital area. The stimulation of the genital area is a signal for the penis to erect. It loses its normal erections due to inadequate stimulation of the genital area. The gradual loss of erectile ability leads to erectile dysfunction.

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